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Teleconsultation Process

There are 3 steps in in order to secure an appointment.

STEP 1 : First, GET TO KNOW AVAILABILITY and CHARGES by filling up the form here or by calling up 9321749179 or whatsapping on the icon below.

STEP 2: PAYMENT OF CONSULTATION FEES Please note, you need to follow step 1 to proceed to this step. Appointment will be confirmed only after payment of the consultation fees via Gpay portal with the following QR code scan.
You will have to send the receipt by using "share " option given on the transaction receipt on 9321749179.

STEP 3: On the day and time of appointment, you will get a Google meet link.

1.No requests for emergency consultation will be entertained at any cost. Please contact hospital emergency department for further information.
2. Appointment will be confirmed only after the transaction ID is received.
3. Keep all your records - Old films, prescription, discharge summary ready.
4. Be seated in nicely lit room, preferably the source of light should face you.
5. The doctor will not be responsible for slow internet speed or quality of sound or picture or documents not being available. If the appointment is cancelled due to non availability of Surgeon, payment would be refunded only via digital portal. Refunds due to technical issues will not be entertained.
6. Receipt and the prescription will be sent digitally signed either in the chatroom or via email. No hardcopy will be provided. There may be a delay in sending prescription, primarily owing to technical factors, and no guarantee of instantaneous process is given.
7. Method of tele consultation, appointments, charges - are all subjected to change without prior intimation
8. All attempt will be made to safeguard the privacy, however, no guarantee of fool proof digital privacy can be provided.

Updated on:30/01/2022

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