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1.Complex Spine surgery

This patient presented with inablility to walk. He was diagnosed to have tumor in the most sensitive portion of the spinal cord. The tumor had squeeshed the cord totally, with hardly any visible nerve to be identified visually. Two pronged minimally invasive keyhole (VATS)approach via endoscope was utilised to remove this tumor. The vital nerve functions were monitored through out the procedure. He made a significant recovery. No screws, plates were required.

2. Complex and rare brain tumor

Complexity of this tumor was due to the fact this was extemely close to right hand and language area. He was operated during which he was kept awake and brain mapping(fMRI pre-op, intraop - neurophysiological monitoring, navigation, ultrasound) was done to identify and preserve important structures resulting in fantastic recovery. The tumor was a rare cyst of the brain.

3. A young girl with just hearing loss on left and who harboured a "giant" brain/nerve tumor

This college girl was diagnosed to have a tumor known as acoutic schwanomma / vestibular schwanomma that achieved mammoth growth before being diagnosed. The tumor was removed totally preserving her functions. Inset image shows, she drinking water without any assistance, on the first day, following a long complex surgery that lasted for 10 hours.

Complex spine case

4. Young patient with sudden paralysis involving legs - Bed bound. Diagnosis dural AV Fistula. Microsurgery and division of fistuala. Patient progressively improved.

Minimaly Invasive Keyhole Neurosurgery

5. Large brain tumor located on right operated via a small keyhole. No headshaving, small surgical scar and patient is back home third day folliwing the procedure resuming normal life. Biopsy was low grade glioma.

A Large Brain Tumor

6. Left up and down shows a large brain tumor(black) and right up an down shows complete and total removal of the cyst in the brain.

7. A complex and giant Pituitary Gland tumor / Pituitary Macroadenoma removed endoscopically via nose

8. Meningioma operated 10 years back! - No recurrence

9. Large Brain tumor in a Child abutting extremely sensitive location(Brain stem) removed totally.

10. Huge Complex Brain Tumor - Removed totally with preservation of all nerves such as those supplying face, chewing , swallowing etc.

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