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My Innovations

Vellore Localizer - From Bullock cart to GPS of Brain

CMC Vellore, a top ranked medical school in India where I did my graduation and superspecialisation had very humble begining. Founder, Dr, Ida Scudder started with a mobile bullock cart clinic more than 100 years ago. It has become a huge >3000 bedded institute of repute. Along with my colleagues at CMC Vellore, developed a small tool that can help Neurosurgeons to put catheter into the brain with increased accuracy. It was recognised and publised in a leading International Neurosurgery Journal - "NEUROSURGERY"

"The Devil's Advocate - Job made easy" - New Surgical Approach for Deeply Located Brain Tumors

Some brain tumors are located deep inside and close to the vital structures. In order to remove them, fair amount of collateral damage can happen. For one such kind of growth called as "atrial region meningioma", conventional methods to reach there can lead to speech, language or vision problems in an otherwise "normal" patient. Myselves along with team at Hirslanden Klinik proposed and alternate approach to tackle these kind of tumors that lead to complete recovery of two patients. This innovative approach was once again publishes in International Journal.

"The Anchor steadies the ship"- Steading Ventriculoureteric shunt

This was a desparate do or die situation for an unfortunate patient in whom multiple procedures(>7 surgeries done in the past) to drain excess water in the brain had failed and his fate had been written off by many institutions. We tried diverting the brain fluid into a tube that carries urine from the kidney where it is produced to the urinary bladder, where it is stored and released when required. It was totally non conventional approach which eventually worked. There were many improvisations that needed to be done and one of the most frustrating was anchoring the tube to the ureter.Some how a ryle's tube worked. See figure.

Explorer - Seeing the Unseen!

Blood clot can accumulate and expand inside the skull, especially in elderly following fall or those taking blood thinners such as aspirin. Usually a simple hole is enough to drain, but some of these can recurr. I have been working on a method to utilise power of endoscope which helps to navigate and visualise this large compartment via a small hole, enabling better clearance.

Rat brain offers clues to unlock mysteries hidden inside the folds of human brain too!

Modifed and prepared a rat model of Stroke without opening skull enabling solid research. It was a seminal work in India at that time. We challenged the conventional belief that lactate is just a metabolic waste.

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